McPherson Stakeholders Participate in Pfizer’s “OWNIT” Day


McPherson Stakeholders Participate in Pfizer’s “OWNIT” Day

On Tuesday, 04/12/2016 representatives of the McPherson Industrial Development Company and the McPherson Chamber of Commerce had the unique opportunity to learn more about Pfizer’s culture, products and see, first hand, their sophisticated, and high-tech manufacturing processes.

This pharmaceutical manufacturing facility has had a strong heritage in McPherson that dates back to 1977.  In September 2015, Pfizer completed its acquisition of Hospira making the McPherson facility part of one of the world’s most premier and innovative bio-pharmaceutical companies.  The McPherson operation is one of the largest sites in the Pfizer network with over 1,400 employees and is considered one of their most diverse and complex facilities because of all of its capabilities. Some of the McPherson plant’s competitive advantages include aseptic filling, volume of controlled substances produced, one of the networks highest lyophilization capacities, leading producer of biologics, capacity for terminal sterilization and lastly for its contract manufacturing capabilities.  Despite the complex nature of all that goes on in the McPherson plant, the facility has proven time and again that it can handle all the diverse capabilities and has a strong compliance track record with regulatory inspections; in fact, the site leverages input from 30+ customer audits annually to strengthen their compliance position.

The group was hosted by Jonathan Rushford, Vice President, and McPherson’s Site Leader.  Jonathan took over operations of the McPherson plant in April 2015.  Under his leadership, the site has undergone a culture shift to align with Pfizer’s Culture of Ownership.  Employees at Pfizer recognize that culture is tied to performance and most all of the accomplishments of the plant in the last year are attributed to the change in culture.

Some of these accomplishments for the McPherson facility include the highest customer service performance in over ten years, the lowest open quality incidents in over five years, and by implementing significant safety improvements, where all employees own safety, the plant has the experienced a dramatic decrease of OSHA recordables.  These significant achievements helped them attract six new contract manufacturing partners and earned them the Pfizer President’s Award for their performance in 2015.

The McPherson Industrial Development Company and the McPherson Chamber of Commerce appreciate and value Pfizer’s investment in McPherson.  The stability, wages, and benefits provided by their jobs continue to create wealth for McPherson and the region; while the products that they manufacture from our facility have a major impact throughout the world.

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