MIDC’s Business Retention & Expansion Program

MIDC’s Business Retention & Expansion Program

McPherson County is blessed to have strong industrial employers who have continued creating jobs and wealth for the county. McPherson recognizes that helping these existing businesses survive and grow is a vital economic development strategy.  McPherson Industrial Development Company’s Business Retention and Expansion Program (BR&E) is designed to assist local businesses in thriving and expanding in the city. Research shows that up to 86 percent of new jobs are created by existing businesses in a community rather than in business attraction efforts.

Key Objectives of MIDC’s BR&E Program:

1. To demonstrate to existing firms that the community appreciates their contribution to the local economy;
2. To encourage expansion that leads to sustainable job growth;
3. To help businesses solve their problems and challenges;
4.  To assist local businesses in gaining awareness of available resources;
5.  To develop collaborative relationships for participation in comprehensive long-range retention and expansion activities;
6.  To build the community capacity and cooperation to sustain growth and development activities;
7.  To provide better information and understanding for all local leaders of the strength and weaknesses of the business climate.

MIDC’s BR&E Activities:

MIDC’s Annual Industrial Survey-

Our BRE Survey is the first step of our BR&E program.  If your company indicates they are willing to host a visit, a member of MIDC will schedule a face to face interview to discuss any concerns raised by the survey.  The responses to this survey will provide data to help shape the services provided by MIDC.

Survey Purpose:

1. Develop a clearer picture of the number and types of businesses operating in our community;
2.  Gauge the workforce needs of our local businesses;
3. Identify companies that qualify for certain business incentives and assistance programs;
4. Anticipate and recognize any challenges that are threatening our local businesses and
5. Create an open dialogue between our businesses and local, state and federal governments.

The information collected will remain confidential and will help MIDC better serve the needs of our local businesses.


Other activities:

The McPherson Industrial Development Company typically hosts a monthly “lunch & learn” on the first Wednesday of the month as a part of their industrial business retention program as well as a Quarterly CEO Roundtable event where industrial business leaders can come together in an environment designed to network and discover synergies.