Key Industries

For its size there is likely no other community so diversified in its industry as McPherson.

The Brain Trust

If you’re in plastics, energy, equipment manufacturing or pharmaceuticals, you likely know of McPherson. Our workforce is particularly specialized in these areas, and we benefit from custom education in partnership with the 10 colleges and university campuses within easy driving distance.


With 10 plastics manufacturers and 8 plastic industry support facilities, our people know plastics. We have 11x more plastic companies than the national average.


McPherson County is located in the center of America’s wind tunnel, We’re also home to about 30 percent of propane stored in the U.S and a 100,000 barrel-per-day crude oil refinery that supplies diesel across the Upper Midwest.


Here in the heart of farm country we have a wealth of “big iron” manufacturing expertise for agriculture and heavy industry. We have 8 times more manufacturing companies than the national average.


McPherson is home to one of the largest pharmaceutical injection manufacturing sites in the country. We’ve got the knowledge, power, and location it takes to be successful in the pharmaceutical industry.